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#feastfest: “Business Unfinished”, Tom Christophersen

Posted on: Sat 4 Nov 2017

Lisa was joined over the phone by queer visual artist, Tom Christophersen, who will be performing his solo show as part of the 2017 Feast Festival season.

Audiences will be immersed in a spooky, evocative space in which Tom, incorporating his unique macabre drag style, will recount ghost stories as they were told to him by people all over the country. Combining experiences from his own childhood, Christophersen has aimed to create an engaging, challenging and riveting piece of physical theatre/cabaret/spoken word piece.

“Business Unfinished” is featuring at BASEM3NT as part of this year’s Feast Festival, Nov 14-18 at 7pm. Click here to book tickets and for further information.

You can also like Tom’s Facebook page, follow him on Twitter and check out his official website to keep up to speed with the various projects he has in the works.

Produced by Lisa Harper Campbell

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