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Are your clothes made in Sweatshops?

Posted on: Wed 1 Nov 2017

If you’re wearing anything from Nike, Adidas, Puma, Fila or even Bonds or Just jeans – then your clothes are made in sweatshops.

Despite the glamorous veneer of the fashion industry, peeling back the facade uncovers a darker world of exploitation and profiteering.

The people who make our clothes are caught in a vicious cycle of not being paid enough to escape poverty, “in Bangladesh they earn about 39 cents an hour to make our clothes,” says Joy Kyriacou from Oxfam Australia.

Oxfam’s latest research finds, it doesn’t take much to help the people who make our clothes to earn a living wage.

“What we’re asking is for companies to make a different choice. To stop fuelling inequality around the world and to stop fuelling a system that is unfair and exploitative and to chose to actually make it more fair,” says Kyriacou.

To sign the pledge to let big brands know that women working in their factories must be paid a living wage, click here.

Joy Kyriacou joins Breakfast Producer, Kvitka Becker to discuss.

Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image provided by Oxfam Australia
Taken by: GMB Akanash/Panos/Oxfam Australia


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