The Waiting Game Continues for NZ Government

Posted on: Mon 16 Oct 2017

Three weeks on from the New Zealand election, Winston Peters is yet to choose which party will win the seat. Winston Peters will today meet with the New Zealand First board to make a decision as to who will hold power. New Zealand correspondent, Pearl Little, says we wont have an answer until the middle or end of the week.

Also, a ten million dollar grant has been awarded to Auckland’s City Mission in a bid to provide new homes for the Homeless. The project will see 80 New studio and one-bedroom units built on the Auckland City Mission’s current site.

New Zealand’s Bird of the Year competition has been hacked by one determined Christchurch citizen who cast more than 100 votes for the White-faced Heron.

Tom Mann joins New Zealand correspondent, Pearl Little to discuss more.

Produced by Katelin Rice

Image sourced: Wikimedia Commons







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