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Kickstart for Kids: levelling the playing field

Posted on: Mon 16 Oct 2017

Unfortunately, not all kids have the same start in life.

According to sources thousands of South Aussie kids are sent to school each day with no breakfast which results in poor behaviour, low self-esteem and an inability to learn.  As a result, these kids from low social or economic backgrounds are often unable to engage at school and will go on to live in hardship as adults.

Through their breakfast, lunch and mentoring programs, not-for-profit Kickstart for Kids are doing their best to ensure that no matter where a child comes from, they have an equal opportunity to lead a successful life.

CEO Ian Steel caught up with our Breakfast Producer Caitlin Adams to discuss Kickstart for Kid’s initiatives and how “through a little bit of love, and a little bit of breakfast”, the playing field has been leveled for hundreds of Aussie kids.

Image Source: Flickr

Produced by: Caitlin Adams and Hazel Cameron


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