Ara Irititja holds Anangu stories

Posted on: Wed 4 Oct 2017

In this week’s program, we focus on history and on ways to keep history and people’s stories alive.

We talk about looking after all the information and the records that help to tell the story about all the different things that have shaped people’s lives and way of living.

We find out about the work of Ara Irititja – meaning, ‘Stories from a long time ago’ – and how this community project aims to collect and look after a range of materials of cultural and historical that are important to Anangu. These materials include photographs, films, sound recordings, documents and a range of other important objects.

To find out more about Ara Irititja and the important work that it does, we talk with John Dallwitz, who is the Project Manager of the Ara Irititja Project. John has been involved in the Project for a long time, even before it was formally established in 1994.

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