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Never A True Word

Posted on: Sun 1 Oct 2017

In Australia, voters trust in government and democracy has reached record lows.

Often politicians are presented as two-dimensional figures, never speaking off script, making it a mystery of how they are when the cameras stopped rolling.

It’s a topic journalist Michael McGuire tackled in his new book Never a True Word.

The story follows Jack who was previously a journalist and gets a job as a political spin doctor.

It’s a fictional story, although with experience in both media and politics, he was inspired by the stressful atmospheres he’s seen and the toll it has on people.

“Some of it is based on experience and some of it is clearly made up and woven together to form a coherent narrative,” he told presenter Tara Nash.

“Access to power is a powerful thing in itself, you develop a great bunker mentality and think the world’s out to get you and to be fair, often they are.”

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