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Arrowsmith Program’s success

Posted on: Wed 13 Sep 2017

Earlier this year, Marryatville Primary became Adelaide’s first ‘brain school,’ adopting the Arrowsmith Program.

It’s an international program that claims to alter brain functions so children can overcome learning disabilities.

Danny London, a father to two boys, one of which has been doing the Arrowsmith Program since the beginning of the year says the program has been extremely beneficial, “what we’ve noticed since the start of the program is that his writing has increased tremendously.”

The unique thing about the Arrowsmith program is that it is not compensatory, “the program builds capacity in the brain” says Chair of the Parent Advocacy Group for the Arrowsmith program, Jo Nolan. 

Danny London and Jo Nolan join Breakfast’s Jennie Lenman to discuss.  

If you’re interested, there will be a number of information sessions held about the program. Click here for all details.

Produced by Kvitka Becker

Image source: Arrowsmith Advocacy Group for SA Facebook Page


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