New Zealand Politicians Make Some Serious Blunders

Posted on: Mon 11 Sep 2017

New Zealand politicians have been making some serious blunders in the past week. Deputy leader, Paula Bennett has said that “some criminals have fewer human rights”. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Steven Joyce has claimed that the Labour party has $11 billion hole in there budget.

A man died after being dumped at a bus stop by a hospital in 2013, the hospital now has said they have changed polices so that this would never happen again. Yet the family of the man says “too little too late”.

Lastly, prophet, leader and pacifist, Rua Kenana, will be officially pardoned by the crown, after he was wrongfully arrested over a century ago.

Jennie Lenman joins New Zealand Correspondent, Pearl Little, to discuss more.

Produced by Zoe Kounadis

Image Sourced: Wikimedia Commons


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