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The Ugly Truth of Volunteering Overseas

Posted on: Fri 8 Sep 2017

Volunteer Tourism also known as ‘Voluntourism’ has quickly become a billion dollar industry. It’s allows travellers to volunteer as they travel. Often placed in schools, orphanages and local communities, the phenomenon is marketed as enchaining CV’s and giving you a ‘purpose’ to your travels.

However, voluntourism is actually have damaging effects on communicates and children within developing countries. Furthermore, the growing industry has created demand for orphanages, “90% of these kids have one or more living parents, who with support, would be willing and able to look after their children” explains coordinator of ReThink Orphanages, Leigh Matthews.

Rethink Orphanages are a cross-sector network that aims to prevent the unnecessary institutionalisation of children. If you’d like to know more about their work, click here.

Zoe Kounadis hears from Leigh Matthews to get her take on voluntourism and it’s  effects.

Produced by Zoe Kounadis

Image by Tormod Sandtrov


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