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How does music influence art?

Posted on: Sun 27 Sep 2020

Any 90s kid will remember the old favourite Art Attack.

Now, the local music and comedy group George Glass have teamed up up with Satan’s Cheerleaders and artist Jake Holmes to put a spin on this classic, by inviting the audience on stage to paint a mural to the music-comedy they perform.

“If the music is aggressive and funky, maybe they’ll grab the red and do sharp strokes. If it’s slow and psychedelic, maybe they’ll grab green and purple and do swirls,” Nic tells presenter Tara Nash.

“It sounds like it’s going to be fun.. People can’t dance anymore.. how can we make an engaging show with the restrictions?”

They’re the guys who brought you the original, creative stories of Scientology The Musical, Abbott The Musical and George Glass Proves The Existence of God.

“(Ideas come from) normally throwing around silly stuff in the band room, then normally someone latches onto something: let’s run with this.”

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