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Posted on: Mon 10 Aug 2020

Womens Land Army member Peggy Williams’ brother was away fighting the Italians and Germans in the Middle East when Peggy was sent to work on an Italian owned farm in the Riverina area in NSW. How did she cope with that? In the 75 day run-down to the 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2, DVA’s project has recorded stories from 75 Australians from that era.  Over the coming weeks, Service Voices will be bringing you those stories.  Today:  Roy Smith; Cliff Houghton; Florence Peters; Les Penghall; Jack Mulholland; Win Cremer; Neil Roberts; Bill Deane Butcher; Bill Smith; Peggy Williams; Sir William Keys.   “Paying respects to that amazing generation of Australians”.

Image:  Peggy Williams

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