Brian Ellis Navy Veteran: Those breakaway songs of our RAN ships

Posted on: Mon 6 Jul 2020

Brian’s service in the Royal Australian Navy saw him train as a musician at the School of Music, and go on to serve for 20 years, beginning aboard the Aircraft Carrier HMAS Melbourne.  Brian chats about the role of a musician in the Navy;  jack-stay transfers; refuelling at sea, and we delve into ‘what is a Breakaway Song’ and the actual songs that were played on various RAN Ships.  Brian’s now retired.  He’s the President of the Tasmanian section of The Naval Association of Australia.

All photos provided by B Ellis and used with permission

Main Photo  The Fleet Band on HMAS Melbourne in Hong Kong 1972. Brian Ellis 2nd from left 2nd row.

Brian Ellis far left with CO of HMAS Stalwart, Capt George Unwin at cocktail party onoard ship in Hong Kong

Fleet band HMAS Stalwart 1983 Brian Ellis 2nd from left 2nd row

Wessex chopper that ditched off HMAS Melbourne in 1967. No injuries


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