Bermuda Bay… Grooves to the Max

Posted on: Tue 23 Jun 2020

The beloved Adelaide indie/dance pop outfit Bermuda Bay – featuring Koleh, Kaylah, Ollie, Tim and Callum – describe their music as ‘good to knit to’ (but better for dancing).

And the tight-knit group (pun intended) have just released their first track in 14 months!

All My Life is their funkiest to date, produced by Michael Cutayar – and it’ll have you itching to hear them play it live.

Four fifths of the band joined Breakfast’s Tom and Zoe in the studio (although not all at once) to talk about this sincerely awesome new single. It’s the first from their new EP which will be released later this year.

Produced by Leon Bishop

Image sourced: Bermuda Bay


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