HomeBuilder Grant Criticisms

Posted on: Thu 11 Jun 2020

The Coalition has announced a $25,000 stimulus package to new home builders under the HomeBuilder Scheme. However, the scheme has inspired strong criticism from a number of groups.

Designed to stimulate the recession-effected economy over the coming 9 months, the stimulus is costing $688 million in taxpayer dollars. The Greens Party and social housing sector have spoken out with criticism over the efficacy of this decision.

In other Federal news, the media and authorities have reacted to the Black Lives Matters protests that happened over the weekend. With Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s statements about the rallies, his hypocrisy regarding these matters has been put into the forefront.

To discuss these stories and more coming out of Canberra, Blair Williams from The Australian National University joins Breakfast’s Tom Mann and Zoe Kounadis.

Image sourced: Paul Brennan (CC-0 Public Doman)


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