Noris Ioannou: Barossa Journeys

Posted on: Mon 25 May 2020

Local publisher Wakefield Press has been sharing stories of South Australia’s colourful history for many decades, and at a time when we’re all looking forward to escaping from the confines of home isolation, Barossa Journeys, Into a valley of tradition  by Dr Noris Ioannou is just the thing we need to help us plan a trip or a getaway to the beautiful, intriguing, history filled Barossa Valley.

Noris tells us many quirky, evocative tidbits about enchanting, out-of the way sites, little known history, and colourful characters.  We pressed Noris to give Listeners an insider’s suggestion for a 2 day trip. It’s sure to please.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Image:  Front and back pages of Barossa Journeys, into a valley of tradition.  Wakefield Press

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