Caitlin Fry: The Shetland Bus

Posted on: Mon 9 Mar 2020

Scottish historian Caitlin Fry tells listeners about this little-known aspect of military seafaring history.  It’s about a small group of people, some of whom gave of their lives in extremely hazardous boat trips between remote Shetland and Norway, to assist the Norwegian resistance movement during World War Two.  The conditions under which they operated, the difficulties of crossing the North Sea at night, with no lights and far from any possible help, can scarcely be imagined today. Always present in the minds of those on board would have been the threat of discovery and the risk of being shot at by German planes or boats, and possibly captured when they finally reached the Norwegian coast.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Main Photo:  Caitlin Fry, photo courtesy of Mount Barker Pipes and Drums;  Lief Larsen  wikimediacommons



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