On This Day – 22 November

Posted on: Fri 22 Nov 2019

22 November is a significant date in sport and music.

On this day in 1956, the Summer Olympic Games in Melbourne were opened surrounded by political conflicts which caused that countries like Egypt, Iraq, Spain and Netherlands boycotted the event. Still, the 1956 Olympics had wonderful stories. For example, East and West Germany competed as a single team. Also, these were the first Olympics to be held in the Southern Hemisphere and the first ones in which athletes from all countries marched together in the closing ceremony.

In music, the Beatles released two of their albums on 22 November: With the Beatles in 1963 and The White Album in 1968. The White Album is considered a masterpiece for its experimental nature and mix of musical genres. Unfortunately, the arguments and creative differences occurred during the album’s recording sessions were the beginning of the tensions that led to The Beatles’ breakup in 1970.



Produced by David Bucio

Image source: Wikimedia Commons


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