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Adelaide’s new independent theatre production

Posted on: Sat 2 Nov 2019

Yerma, a 40-year-old, Muslim woman, is desperate for a child, however, her husband Juan doesn’t want such a dramatic change to their lifestyle.

Presented by Foul Play Theatre, Yerma is part of the inaugural season of Adelaide’s new independent theatre RUMPUS.

Director Nescha Jelk says the story is a common one for couples who are deciding on taking that “huge step”, which has “no space to compromise on”.

“It’s really a work that makes you lean in and see the small sort of gameplay that happens in these daily conversations and how they try to pull each other over to each other’s side,” she says.

“But, without really being able to talk about it openly for fear of what it would mean for their relationship.”

RUMPUS, November 8-23


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