Brian Selby: Veterans Return to Borneo 2019

Posted on: Mon 25 Mar 2019

The unique Heroes’ Graveyard War Memorial Gardens in Kuching Sarawak will be the focal centre for Australian, New Zealand, Malaysian and British Veterans returning to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the cease fire and the declaration of the end of the Indonesian Confrontation.  This reunion is enthusiastically supported by local dignitaries and the people of Sarawak.  Brian sends out a message to all Veterans…  Army, Navy and Air Force to participate.  He says that given the advancing age of the Veterans, this may well be the last one organised.

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photos of 3RAR provided by Paul Rosenzweig OAM and used with permission



HMAS Yarra

As Indonesia continued its ‘confrontation’ the British organised substantial naval forces to defend Malaysia, RAN destroyers, frigates and minesweepers maintained their patrols in the Malacca, Singapore and Johore Straits and in the Tawau area of North Borneo as well as joining in exercises with fleet units of the Malaysian Navy.  HMASMelbourne with its embarked air group also maintained a presence under the SEATO auspices exercising in the region. When Indonesian forces crossed the border into eastern Sebatik Island near Tawau, Sabah on 28 June 1965, HMAS Yarra was called on to carry out bombardments designed to harass the withdrawal of the infiltrators. During three runs Yarra fired a total of 70 rounds. Bombardments of the border area of Sebatik were again carried out on 5 and 10 July, the targets on all occasions being within Sabah.

Source: RAN website

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