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Discover Semaphore’s Hidden Histories

Posted on: Mon 14 Jan 2019

Semaphore’s Hidden Histories was part of the SALA (South Australian Living Artists)exhibition for 2018. It was so popular with the locals, the council decided to leave the exhibition in place.

The exhibition is a trail of images along Semaphore Road. The images are original photographs of Semaphore dating from the late 1800s. Rachel Harris, the artist responsible for the exhibition, has added a unique contemporary twist to each photo. You may spot Elvis at the carnival or an ad for online shopping in a 1950s image.

The Boardwalk presenters, Nora Robinson and Gillian Anderson, join Rachel on a tour of the exhibition to discover why it is so popular and to spot the contemporary oddities in the old photos. It’s a treasure hunt.

Find out more about Semaphore’s Hidden Histories.

Produced by Gillian Anderson and Nora Robinson

Image source: Image taken by Gillian Anderson



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