Ian Pfennigwerth: BRAVO ZULU – know our Navy

Posted on: Mon 11 Dec 2017

We think we know all about our military’s history, but that is plainly not so.  We all have a fair idea about what our army has done but what do you know about our Navy? Not much? Well, you’re not alone, and that situation should be rectified.

Historian, author, and retired Royal Australian navy captain, Ian Pfennigwerth, and his dedicated team of volunteer researchers have put together a book that opens our eyes to the stories behind the honours and awards given to our naval personnel.  Volume One is out now.  Volume Two will be published in 2018.   Have a listen to what Ian has to say about it.

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Image of book Bravo Zulu provided with permission of publisher Echo Books.    See more here

Excerpt from  nautilus history

…. The book traces, through the recipients’ stories, the formation and development of the RAN, its fortunes during World War I, its resurrection from the depths of the Depression, and its fine fighting record during World War II. Post-war stories tell of our Navy’s growth toward independence, the exploits of its men in Korea, Malaysia, Indonesian Confrontation and Vietnam, and its development of ships and weapons system like the famous Ikara anti-submarine missile.  There are also stories about the loss of the destroyer Voyager in a collision in 1964 and of spectacular feats in naval flying and diving.

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