Should horse racing in Australia need a social licence to operate?

Posted on: Wed 8 Nov 2017

Australia stopped to watch Rekindling win the race that stops the nation and with its place firmly entrenched at the top of the social calendar, it is much more than just a horse race.

Whether it’s the glitz and glamour or the fashions on the field, or taking part in the millions of dollars Australians spend betting on the race, like or loathe horse racing, there is no avoiding the Melbourne cup.

But do the excesses and potential negative effects of the Melbourne Cup carnival mean the industry should implement a social licence to operate?

Professor of Urban and Environmental Geography from the University of Sydney, Phil McManus says, “we’re raising the question for the horse racing industry because there are some obvious issues that aren’t being addressed satisfactorily for a lot of people.”

Professor Phil McManus joins Breakfast’s Tom and Morgan to share his perspective. 

Produced by Kvitka Becker
Image source: Wikimedia Commons


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