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Constantine Stefanou – Nexus Arts Interplay

Posted on: Fri 29 Jan 2021

Constantine Stefanou is a Greek Australian multi-instrumental musician who has toured locally and internationally with bands like The Shabbab and Tehachapi. His music draws on improvisation, permaculture, open-source philosophy, and scientific practice.

You can catch him performing tonight as part of the Nexus Arts Interplay program, joined by an energy-packed live band. He will be showcasing songs that he wrote over the past four years, which grapple with being a global citizen during extreme climate disruption.

Constantine Stefanou speaks to Tom Mann ahead of his show tonight at the Nexus Arts Venue at 7pm. His band will be following an act by musical duo Isabelle da Sylveira and Mike Bevan. Tickets can be found on the Nexus Arts website.

Tickets are now sold out. To listen to more music from Stefanou you can visit his website.

Produced by Anisha Pillarisetty.

Image: Constantine Stefanou


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