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Posted on: Wed 21 Feb 2024

Alexis Payne: A Beacon of Education and Cultural Pride

Alexis Payne is a proud young woman from the Pintupi/Luritja Community who recently had a yarn with us during a special live outside broadcast of the Peramangk Watta Survival Day event in Mount Barker, SA.

Being one of the first in her family to complete Year 12, she emphasises the importance of education, stating, “Schooling for our mob is really important.”

Coming from a family with a rich artistic tradition and musical talent, Alexis deeply connects with her Aboriginal foundation and heritage.

Though feeling a bit nervous on live radio, she eloquently describes the significance of Survival Day, stating, “We’re still here, we’re strong as one, and we’re trying to work together to find a really good bond so we can move forward positively.”

Alexis is filled with pride, and treasures the unity found in events like the Peramangk Watta Survival Day, expressing, “My highlight today is this whole entire event. I just really enjoy everyone coming together.”

As Alexis leads a new path for future generations in her family, she is a beacon of Education and Cultural Pride as she embarks on her next journey.

Listen to Chris Crebbin and Celestine Rowe interview Alexis Payne at the Peramangk Watta Survival Day event on January 26 2024 event at the Laratinga Pavilion.

Image description Chris Crebbin and Alexis Payne

Image supplied by Lisa Burns

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