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I am my own ‘weirdest and surrealist’ enemy

Posted on: Thu 15 Feb 2024

Ever had one of those impulsive moments where you just feel like rebelling into a self-deprecating silly billy, who takes themselves far too literally without caring if their unusual style of humour does or doesn’t tickle your funny bone.

The Sun and The Hermit goes beyond the confines of traditional, mundane, bland, lifeless, and boringly mainstream attention seeking characterisations and improvisations. It squeezes about a month’s worth of the weirdest, surrealist, absurdist, and strangest stories, which features a single-minded protagonist’s favourite enemies, all embodied and portrayed fantastically by Melbourne based character comedian, clown and improviser, Belinda Anderson-Hunt. Despite always putting too much pressure on herself, she isn’t one to underplay the levity of manufacturing, creating and delivering jokes that cleverly emulate the delightful and charming traits of her antagonistic characters without turning them into one dimensional, vilely humourless caricatures.

Speaking with De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad McLoughlin, Anderson-Hunt delves much further into what her jokes are trying to convey without being too reliant on words and more on the aspect of embodying the characterised antagonisms as a combined dramatic and comedic narrative formation.

Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo supplied by Matt Jenner

Jarad McLoughlin

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