Tom – Rodeo Rider; Shearer; Vietnam Veteran

Posted on: Mon 16 Oct 2023

We’re told that Mid North South Australia born Vietnam War Veteran (he served with 4 RAR and 9 RAR)… drover, shearer, rodeo rider Tom Bruce also served a stint as one of the the iconic Marlborough Men who graced our Aussie TV and film screens decades ago…  before cigarette advertising was banned in Australia. When Tom returned from Vietnam he says he had no direction…  no family… 

Today we bring you a great interview that Tom held with Regional Historian John Mannion and Glyn Shackleford.  It reflects an Australia fast fading into the annuls of time.

Tom Bruce, John Mannion and Glyn Shackelford Part 1
Tom Bruce, John Mannion and Glyn Shackelford Part 2

Images:  Left – Tom Bruce in Vietnam. Right – Tom Bruce recent photo. Both images provided by Tom Bruce and used with permission

Tom Bruce Shearer 2015 provided by Tom Bruce via John Mannion 2023 and used with permission

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