P Brune: Creating modern multicultural Australia

Posted on: Mon 9 Oct 2023

Popular Aussie author Peter Brune talks about his latest book titled ‘Suffering, Redemption and Triumph the first wave of post war Australian immigrants‘… it’s a fascinating read…   the title aptly reflects the angst in the lived experiences of these immigrants… 

Release notes from Big Sky Publishing state….   Between 1946 and 1966 large numbers of displaced persons (DPs) came to Australia to escape the horrors of war-torn Europe.
Peter Brune’s latest work had its genesis in more than 40 interviews he conducted with DPs in the period 2001—2022. He spoke to migrants from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Hungary.

Peter makes the case that it’s one of the most significant periods in the Australian story.

Image: Suffering, Redemption and Triumph: the first wave of post war Australian immigrants by Peter Brune. Publisher Big Sky Publishing.

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