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Dr Ali Gumillya Baker on Nunga Wangga

Posted on: Thu 5 Oct 2023

Dr Ali Gumillya Baker joined us on Nunga Wangga and spoke about the up and coming referendum and also showcased a radio play from her Flinders students who are going to present on Nunga Wangga in coming weeks.

Dr Ali teaches a class called Reconciliation and Indigenous knowledges with every year, she brings in her class to Nunga Wangga to deliver presentations on air as part of their assignments. This will be happening on Nunga Wangga every Monday from the 16th October to the 6th November 2023. Please tune in to those shows as it will be a very informative few weeks on Nunga Wangga.

Presented by: Njirrah Rowe, Eddie Peters & Michael Collard

Produced by: Christine Brown

Image by: Nunga Wangga

Nunga Wangga

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