You Talk We Die

Posted on: Tue 29 Aug 2023

Judy Ryan says that the War on Drugs has been a catastrophe. She’s an inspiring and determined woman who fought for, and won, a permanent medically supervised injecting room in Richmond Melbourne. She tells the story in her book called You Talk, We Die, published by Scribe.  Nicky Page is one of the thousands of Australians who has lost a family member to a heroin overdose.  She recorded this interview for International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31st 2023, which will be marked with at least 650 events, in 20 countries. In Australia alone there are 69 events, from Broome to Ballarat. The Adelaide Town Hall will be lit up purple.

Producer/ Interviewer Nicky Page

Image and permission supplied by Judy Ryan

Packed Lunch

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