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Community radio ‘fills a gap’ for disabled people looking to become broadcasters

Posted on: Fri 4 Aug 2023

Gemma Purves isn’t one who you would describe as overstating her vividly colourful, enthralling, and fascinating lifelong credentials as a Business and Political Media Specialist, Analyst, Editor, Radio Producer, Presenter, Station Manager, Content and Communications Manager, Board Secretary and Journalist. Literally, Purves’ father, Billy, worked for the ABC as a Radio Journalist and Sub-editor, where, as an infant, she had slept under his desk in a bassinet. Just in the past 10 years of her highly accomplished career alone, Purves has produced and presented many programs at 2RPH and Eastside Radio 89.7FM in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, including the local council news round-up, From The Chamber.

After joining the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO)’s Audio Ability Program Project last year as a Mentor, Purves is now the Course Coordinator overseeing the enhancement of the vocational skills, experience, confidence, and voice of participants who identify as having a disability.

Purves also shared some of her insights with De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad McLoughlin about the reasons behind why this course and community radio in general is ‘filling a gap’ that is not adequately representing the potential untapped talent of disabled radio broadcasters elsewhere, specifically in mainstream media outlets, networks and agencies.

Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo supplied by Gemma Purves

Jarad McLoughlin

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