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Becoming non-binary and fighting against the heteronormative mould

Posted on: Thu 22 Jun 2023

Vicky-Rae Reed (pronouns: they/them) is an indigenous, neurodivergent, bisexual and non-binary mother of four from Sydney, who is never one to refute or step back from scoffing at those who overtly discriminate and ostracise marginalised minorities. As an influential and outspoken fixture in both First Nations and LGBTQIA+ communities, they has advocated, supported and volunteered with various organisations and institutions over the years, including NSW Council for Pacific Communities, SoldierOn Australia, Maori Wardens Australia, Western Sydney University, Macquarie University, Autism Spectrum Australia and until recently, worked as a Administration Assistant for the NSW Government’s Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade.

Reed spoke with De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad McLoughlin about coming to terms with being diagnosed with both ADHD and Autism as an adult, talking through their own personal journey in becoming non-binary, not conforming to society’s repressive heteronormative ideals and patterns of gender binaries, breaking down stereotypes and getting to live life authentically within your own mould.

Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo supplied by Vicky-Rae Reed

Jarad McLoughlin

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