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How I came out twice…first as gay and then as blind

Posted on: Thu 15 Jun 2023

Karan Nagrani (pronouns: he/him) is a Melbourne based graphic designer, former marketing, PR, media and communications manager, public speaker and disability advocate, who also self-describes himself as a “blind, gay mental health warrior” committed to help those with disabilities through campaigning for social change, accessible workplaces and inclusivity in the LGBTQIA+ community. Born in New Delhi, India, Nagrani migrated to Australia in 2006 to persue a marketing degree at university as well as figuring out where it was he belonged out there in the world.

But his thriving career was devastatingly cut short due to gradual peripheral vision deterioration and severe night blindness caused by the degenerative eye condition, retinitis pigmentosa, which he was diagnosed with at the age of 11. But more recently, Nagrani was dealt another blow when he was told he had Usher Syndrome, which is a rare genetic and incurable disease that affects both vision and hearing.

Nagrani explicitly explains to De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad McLoughlin what it feels like being judged, ostracised and vilified by the very marginalised minority that preaches acceptance, respect and compassion, yet hypocritically exclude and belittle those that don’t adhere to the toxic and superficial obsessions with sexual attractiveness, body physique and social desirability bias that is infused within all elements of LGBTQIA+ culture.

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