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Don’t be afraid to identify as you are

Posted on: Thu 8 Jun 2023

Ricki Spencer (pronouns: she/they) is a highly admired, headstrong, and fearlessly outspoken transgender non-binary person from Melbourne, who lives with various physical and psychosocial disabilities, including a recent diagnosis of autism. Spencer has involved herself with advocacy work and community outreach for First Nations and transgender and gender diverse communities over many decades, through volunteering for countless non-for-profit organisations and academic institutions such as Transgender Victoria, The Australian Sociological Association, University of Melbourne, Thorne Harbor Health and Inclusive Rainbow Voices, where they are currently serving as Co-Chairperson.

Spencer unveiled all to De-Stigmatised‘s Jarad McLoughlin about what she had to endure throughout their life surviving a predominantly ableist and heteronormative society, from suffering an emotional meltdown during her final year in high school to being cruelly subjected to torment from bigots while out in public, hurling severe verbal, physical and transphobic abuse and harassment towards her relentlessly due to their gender identities.

Produced by Jarad McLoughlin

Photo supplied by Ricki Spencer

Jarad McLoughlin

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