Don Campbell WW2 Small Ships Veteran

Posted on: Mon 24 Apr 2023

Daniel O’Brien and Don Campbell  Don was 97 when Daniel O’Brien OAM did this interview with him for us in 2019.  Sadly, Don has since passed away, but…   along with his family, we are so very glad to have obtained the interview. Vale Don Campbell.  Don was the last of the survivors of the bombing of MV Macdhui.  He survived the Japanese submarine attack in Sydney harbour, the bombing of the small ship MV Macdhui in New Guinea, and the Australian Troop Ship Duntroon’s collision with USS Perkins. 

Don Campbell. Interviewer Daniel O’Brien OAM

Main Photo: Left. Young Don Campbell aboard MV Macdhui WW2. Provided by D Campbell and used with permission. Right. The bombing of the Motor Vessel (MV) Macdhui at Port Moresby. The Japanese attacked the Macdhui on 16 June 1942, causing some damage and several casualties, and killing the ship’s surgeon Dr C. Tunstall. The next day, the Japanese bombers returned and continued the attack, with several bombs hitting the vessel. Fires broke out and Captain J. Campbell, the ship’s commander gave the order to abandon ship. The crew were evacuated with the help of three RAAF medical officers who had been watching the attack from the shore. Steward William Drury had been badly wounded during the attack and died of wounds the next day AWM Copyright expired

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