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Adelaide Fringe Review: Scout Boxall – Buck Wild

Posted on: Sun 5 Mar 2023

You Do You Baby, You Do You…. how else, argues emerging comic Scout Boxall, can anyone deal with the burden of unsolicited advice. Particularly mental health advice. We may be ok about asking people if they are ok – but Scout observes, we sure could do with some help talking about chronic mental health.

Scout knows. She celebrated (in a way) her 18th Birthday in a psychiatric ward following a suicide attempt and Bipolar diagnosis. She is quick to take her audience in on the ride – the ups, the downs and the painfully sharp focus. And when in doubt, pivot/pivot.

The journey is serious – but Scout packs a lot of fun n’ music on the way. From debates on the sex appeal of Formula One Drivers to a systematic scoring system for the broad-church of Arnott’s Creams. Monte Carlos? – Well it becomes easy to see they are indeed Miss Piggy in biscuit form, and clearly a high scorer, while Kingstons are a knockout winner. [I’ll leave it to you and Scout to sort out  the lower orders.]

Scout’s final message – we are all like Formula One Drivers – we only see through the narrow visor in our protective helmets – we can’t see that far ahead, so just have to trust our engines, the track and our knowledge… and don’t let anyone dampen our sparkle.

Don’t let anything dampen your sparkle, Scout!

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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