Adelaide Fringe Review: Come together – The Beatles rock show

Posted on: Thu 23 Feb 2023

If you want to experience a musical firework, come and see “Come together: The Beatles rock show” featuring the incredibly talented Rachel Vidoni accompanied by a fantastic lineup of local artists. This show was a true spectacle, almost like a musical with its colourful costumes, psychedelic set design, and energetic choreographies.

And when you may think that the world is already full of Beatles tributes and acts and you saw it all that is when Rachel Vidoni (The little things productions) will take your breath away, as this show is like no other infusing fresh life into the timeless songs with expertly crafted arrangements and stunning stage visuals.

This 60-minutes show, blending elements of a rock concert, manages to feature an impressive range of classic Fab Four tunes, meticulously revisited by a talented team of 9 musicians, singers and dancers. The result is a spectacular and immersive musical experience that will transport audiences through the iconic and legendary band’s repertoire.

The performance started softly with a mesmerising version of “Because”… Suddenly like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole (or should I say Vidoni falling in the sky with diamonds) we are transported into another world as the band dives into an incredible Beatles Medley which had the audience hooked.

Throughout the night, Rachel Vidoni, superstar, showcased her impressive moves, vocal range and soulful delivery with “Get back”, Help”, “Strawberry fields”, “Yesterday” to name a few. Whether she’s belting out the high notes on “Hey Jude”, interpreting the emotional rock ballad “Let It Be,” every moment of the show is powerful, exciting and moving.

The backing singers Emily Isaacs and Kylie Ferreira were also a highlight, adding beautiful harmonies and backing vocals that really rounded out the sound. As for the musicians, Ben Whittington on guitar, Lee Nash on bass, Kyle Sambell on drums and Russell James on keyboards, they were all absolutely amazing delivering exceptional performances with big smiles on their faces.

But the music was just one part of the show. The set design was an explosion of pink and psychedelic visuals, with a pink telephone booth dance frenzy and other quirky little surprises scattered throughout. The dancers Rachel Durski and Maddie Macarthur were gorgeous, fun and lively, adding an extra level of excitement to the already electrifying performance. The costumes were also a pure delight, with the band in black suits and the dancers dressed in colourful, rock-inspired outfits that perfectly captured the spirit of the Beatles Rock Show but with a twist…and (girly) shout!

Overall, “Come together: The Beatles rock show” was a true feast for the senses. The music was spot on, the performers were all incredibly talented, and the set design and costumes added an extra layer of fun, love and of course….rock n roll. All the ingredients you want for a perfect Beatles show, no wonder they received a standing ovation on their first night!!!

Fans of the Beatles will undoubtedly love this show, but even those who are less familiar with their music are sure to be swept away by the sheer talent and energy on display. A truly unforgettable night of music and entertainment… A not to be missed Fringe Show… I’m telling you…come together…right now!

Come Together: The Beatles Rock Show

Rated: 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ + 🥐

Image provided by: Media Files supplied on Fringe AVR

Reviewed by: Virginie the Frenchie – The Tuesday Edition of the Range

Adelaide Fringe 2023: Come Together – The Beatles Rock Show (Produced by Rachel Vidoni – The Little Things Productions)

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