Doubtful Carbon Credits

Posted on: Wed 25 Jan 2023

Last year Professor Andrew Macintosh from ANU issued a study which found that the carbon credits scheme as operating in Australia was not effective, and that more than 70% of carbon credits claimed might not represent actual emissions. The incoming Labor Government commissioned a review of the scheme led by former chief scientist Professor Ian Chubb. His report has been released and its recommendations accepted by the Government.  But while Professor Chubb has recommended some changes to the scheme, he has rejected the claim that it was not effective, or as broken as Professor Macintosh suggested.  Many commentators and critics have questioned Professor Chubb’s view, including Professor Macintosh.   To get another view on this issue, I spoke to Annica Schoo, Lead Environmental Investigator at the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Produced by Barry Mitchell

Image: Wikimedia Commons


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