Renewable energy solutions for off-grid communities

Posted on: Tue 3 Jan 2023

Truly green energy is not easy. It’s even harder deep in the Amazon. In this Radio Ecoshock interview, Alex Smith talks to Dr. Emilio Moran, lead author of “Advancing convergence research: Renewable energy solutions for off-grid communities”.

In this world of ours, at least 600 million people can’t plug in. They are off-grid but not by choice. Deep in the Amazon, a team of academics and engineers are trying to bring lights, refrigeration, and cell phone charging with a combination of solar panels and small generators suspended in jungle rivers. What they learned can teach us the real path to independent distributed energy for all. But it’s not as simple as you think.

Dr. Emilio Moran explains the work being undertaken and the challenges involved.

Produced by Alex Smith for Radio Ecoshock

Audio edited for length. Used according to Creative Commons

Wiki image: James Martins


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