Should renters protections be enhanced?

Posted on: Thu 8 Dec 2022

Australia’s housing market is in an increasingly difficult situation. With prices not set to lower any time soon and more Australians renting for longer, it’s important to look at the protections that are currently provided to renters and how they could be improved.

But anytime these issues are brought up there is significant pushback from landlords and the real estate industry who argue that large changes to protections could see disinvestment from the industry.

So what to make of these arguments and what are the changes that could benefit those that are likely to be renting for many years to come?

Chris Martin, Senior Research Fellow at City Futures Research Centre, UNSW Sydney, joins Breakfast’s Tom Mann to discuss the possible repercussions if changes in renters protections were made.

Produced by Tom Mann

Image by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


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