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Cutting into Dark Origins with Local Vampire Saga

Posted on: Sat 12 Nov 2022

“The dark side of human nature and the supernatural has been around since we were scared of the dark, when we could first make fire. So, I’m just trying to tap into that a little bit.”

Author, Steve Charles

Both the idea and physical form of a vampire has shifted drastically over time, seeing the sinister, blood sucking beings reshape from depths of 18th Century folklore to the suave and sophisticated representations evident in modern pop culture. 

“A fan of horror stories,” author, Steve Charles created Shadow in the Blood – an Australian vampire saga – with powerful intention: returning to the gory origins of the ‘mythical, terrifying creatures of the night,’ and embracing a local setting.

The fictional novel is one of a two-part series traversing three generations, from the new world of Adelaide through to the ancient roots of Transylvania.

Furthering the backstory of the narrative, the second in the series, The Untold Story of William Martin is anticipated for release in early 2023. Both books also have featuring excerpts in Steve’s recent short story collection The Find, published earlier this year.

Steve joined Festival City’s Emma Wotzke to share more about the recent release of Shadow in the Blood; his motives for modelling his vampire, approaching the element of generational linage in the saga and his own exploration of Adelaide and its history.

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Image by Martino Pietropoli sourced from Unsplash

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