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History, Mystery and Ghosts of SA

Posted on: Fri 11 Nov 2022

Adelaide is alive with old buildings and narratives of the past. Its rich history often setting the stage for spooky stories and supposedly haunted places. 

According to local historian, paranormal investigator, author, and presenter, Allen Tiller, there’s a growing interest in the paranormal in our state.

“People are definitely interested in ghosts in South Australia and it seems to be a very big thing at the moment,” he said, reflecting on the shift over the previous 10 years since starting The Haunts of Adelaide – a decade-long blog showcasing content focused on local hauntings, crime, mystery, celebrities and history.

But, for him, historical research is paramount. Compiling extensive detail around the histories of buildings, places and lives of the people who resided within is a large part of what he does. Allen has since channelled abundant amounts of that research into several books, including The Haunts of Adelaide — sharing its name with his blog, was first released in 2014 and later re-released in 2021 supporting revised and extended information.

Following the Haunts of Adelaide’s 10th anniversary in October, (and in the spirit of Halloween) Allen spoke with Festival City’s Emma Wotzke to share more on his approach to research, Adelaide’s history, investigating reported hauntings, while providing insight into the mix of his professions.

Image – the Old Adelaide Gaol – provided by Allen Tiller

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Interview originally aired October 31st, 2022

Interview contains reference to the paranormal

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