Don & Paul: 3 RAR + Iban Trackers Borneo

Posted on: Mon 24 Oct 2022

Paul Rosenzweig OAM, President of the National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association of Australia chats with Vice President NMBVAA Don Cameron about Don’s 1960s service with 3RAR in Borneo in areas such as Stass and Bukit Knuckle.  Recently, Don went searching for two Iban Trackers who had served alongside him.   We also hear about naming protocols of the Ibans, and about the Sarawak Veterans Association.

Don Cameron and Paul Rosenzweig OAM. Producer Helen Meyer

Main photo provided by D Cameron and used with permission:  L to R  1965 Private Don Cameron and Iban Tracker Unchat anak Unyong, 3RAR. 2022 Don Cameron with Unchat’s son Nyala anak Unchat. 

On 26 August this year, the SA/NT Branch of the NMBVAA conducted its annual Malaya & Borneo Veterans Day service of commemoration at the Cross of Sacrifice in the West Torrens War Memorial Gardens. Borneo veteran Don Cameron recited the Ode of Remembrance, and placed a tribute to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of the Iban Trackers. 

These are the Iban Trackers who the NMBVAA SA/NT know were attached to 3RAR.
Left: members of 6 Platoon, ‘B’ Company, 3RAR in Kuching in 1965 (left to right): Private Dave McCulloch, Private Don Cameron and Iban Tracker Unchat anak Unyong. Don Cameron pictured in 2022 with Unchat’s son Nyala anak Unchat and his twin 12 year old children Rewina anak Nyala (left) and Justin anak Nyala (right).

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