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Cartoon’s Village Bard Could Inspire Resilience In Musicians

Posted on: Mon 24 Oct 2022

A recent multidisciplinary study by researchers at the University of Adelaide explores how a character from the Asterix cartoon series could inspire resilience in musicians faced with setbacks.

The study, published in the International Journal of Comic Art, focuses on the character Cacofonix, the village bard, to further explore how cartoonists capture a range of human experience in line drawings from operational details to broader life philosophies.

Dr Lisa Mansfield, Art Historian, and Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities who led the study joined with one of the co-authors, Dr Jessica Stanhope from the School of Allied Health Science and Practice to share more on the study’s premise, the analysis of the cartoon and links to resilience, and to offer further context on injuries commonly experienced by musicians.

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Image: An excerpt from Asterix and the Falling Sky: Book 33, 200. (Alberto Uderzo) – supplied by the University of Adelaide

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