Fred: Kabul Evacuation Anniversary Concert

Posted on: Mon 26 Sep 2022

Fred Smith and his band are in Adelaide!  They’ll hold two concerts this week:  McLaren Vale on Thursday 29 September and Prospect on Friday 30 September, an extraordinary song cycle about Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan.

Fred was there at the beginning in Uruzgan Province and returned at the end working on the difficult evacuation from Kabul International Airport (KIA). His epitaph for the mission is “it was what it was”, and we are left admiring the courage and tenacity of thousands of Afghans who braved the human logjams outside the gates of Kabul International Airport in a last-ditch dash for freedom.  Fred chats about it and the concert Sparrows of Kabul.  He also introduces Listeners to his emotionally charged poem  of the same name…   Sparrows of Kabul.

Producer Helen Meyer

Image courtesy of Fred Smith

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