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Local Book Nooks Continue the Story of Give, Take, Share

Posted on: Wed 22 Jun 2022

Tiny libraries or mini house-like cupboards have continued to crop up on streets and in local parks.  Book Nooks, are fast becoming a world-wide phenomenon that intersects people and communities through a love of literacy in a free book exchange based on principles of give, take and share with your neighbour.

Back in 2017, Adelaide’s suburb of Unley became home to four unique Book Nooks installed throughout local parks in the area.  

City of Unley’s Team Leader for Literacy & Learning Jaclyn Edlington joined to share more on Unley’s Book Nooks and the unique ways they have both embraced and added a local tone to the growing global phenomenon.

Produced by Emma Wotzke

Image supplied by The City of Unley

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