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The needs of Indigenous women with disability to play sport

Posted on: Thu 26 May 2022

Indigenous women with disability are an underrepresented community in sport.

To address this issue, Victoria University, along with other organisations, has launched a set of resources to encourage the participation of all people with disability in sport, especially Indigenous women.

The set of resources features the Winyarr Ganbina (Women Arise) short films which include the inspiring stories of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander female athletes, such as Torita Blake, and a checklist, developed by the team of athletes with disability Red Dust Heelers, to promote inclusion within sports organisations.

Professor Clare Hanlon, Victoria University’s Susan Alberti Women in Sport Chair, spoke with Breakfast producer David Bucio about the resources, the common restraints that athletes with disability face, and the ambitious goal to increase the number of people with disability in sport.

Produced by David Bucio


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