Knights of The Southern Cross – 100 Years

Posted on: Mon 4 Apr 2022

State Chairman Don Campbell and Paul Hawkes, author of a 300 page Centenary book about the Knights,  tell us that many Military Veterans found a new lease of life and made significant contributions serving The Knights of the Southern Cross, known for their support of the aged, infirm and youth through financial and non-financial means.

The emergence of the Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross lay in the discrimination, prejudice and sectarianism confronting Catholics in Australia in the early years of the 20th century. Religious bigotry was so strong that young Catholic men and women were finding it impossible to gain employment. Newspaper advertisementa openly stated ‘No Catholic need apply’. Application forms for many jobs contained the question, ‘Where were you educated?’

Interviewer Helen Meyer

Photos provided by P Hawkes and used with permission.

L: Don Campbell Chairman. R: Paul Hawkes Author.

Main photo: Retreat at Campion Hall, Oxford, August, 1918. Jack Malone, back row, RHS of priest 1919.

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