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Adelaide Fringe Review: That 90s show unplugged

Posted on: Thu 10 Mar 2022

Let’s fade into the night
Let your spirit fly
Where we are one
Just for a little fun
Oh, oh, oh yeah
” – Lenny Kravitz

That 90s Show’ are bringing their much beloved ‘Unplugged’ music experience to Gluttony’s open air stage THE MOA for Adelaide Fringe 2022 and we could not be happier. Expect flickering candles, lounge sets, cushions and acoustic guitars… for a unique and intimate live performance.

Featuring an amazing 7-piece band with acoustic guitars, double bass, piano, percussions and melodic voices, performing our favourites soundtracks of 90s party pop anthems to grunge and rock classics. It’s everything you love about ‘That 90s Show’, so no wonder they received a standing ovation!

Virginie the Frenchie, for The Range, was at the Moa at the Gluttony to enjoy the first night of this incredible performance – That 90s show – and she tells you all about it in today’s Fringe Review!

Listen to the full audio review That 90s show

Rated: 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Image provided by: Media Files supplied by That 90s show on Fringe AVR

Produced by: Virginie the Frenchie

The Range

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