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Adelaide Fringe Review: ScoMo’s Sunday Service

Posted on: Sat 26 Feb 2022

What would you do for power?

Sell your soul? Or settle for something more socially humiliating here on earth?

There’s a dilemma for you – and we whistle through it with this parody of Scott Morrison’s rise to PM of Australia.

We begin in a Hillsong Service, ScoMo addressing the – very – faithful. Well, after all, ‘he did for Hillsong what Tom Cruise did for Scientology!’

Scott’s out to set the record straight – and takes us back to 1997. Back to the day he was visited by Archangel Gerald –   latest head of Angel School, top of the class, most likely to succeed – on his first job to deliver a message from God….and nervous.

Archangel Gerald enters with a flourish of crimplene wings before delivering his cryptic message. Scott will be Prime Minister – but there is a catch, a decidedly awkward social catch….one ScoMo’s determined to circumnavigate.  [We are reminded that it is not only God, but also Prime Ministers who can act in mysterious ways]

Bolstered by readings – Corinthians, Romans, even I think the Book of Howard, Scott tries everything –barricades/borders, blocking access, amending budgets, disincentivising the arts, but, as we see in the Robocop scenes, what can you do when the system is against you?

We see it all.

George Glass always explores, always seeks to scratch the underbelly of money, politics and religion. ScoMo’s Sunday Service is a very deep scratch.

Review: Christina Hagger

Image: Adelaide Fringe Media

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