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Adelaide Fringe Review: Dom Chambers – A Boy and his Deck

Posted on: Sat 26 Feb 2022

There’s magic, and then there’s Magic… 

And some of the best Adelaide Fringe magic comes out of a Factory. The Factory at The Garden of Unearthly Delights…courtesy of Dom Chambers, A Boy and his Deck.

We are  treated to pure magic  – the full intricacies of complex, polished, tremendous  card tricks delivered  with full theatrical flourish, big screen, a thumping musical score, sense of fun, n’ enthusiastic audience participation.

How does he do it? 

The rituals of the Bowl and Stick; The Card in the Wallet; Thought Projection onto blank cards – it’s all a magical mystery.

And one resulting from a life-long interest – and commitment to excellence.  Dom shares his adolescent desires, his ambition to join what he sees as the best in the world,  the TS Erikson Circle, and how he is thwarted by a perceived lack of ‘urbanity’. It does not hold him back – what could? – and he progresses ever onward and upward – World Youth Magic Championships and then America’s Got Talent.

He sure has talent – and with his last polished trick, and the help of his Adelaide Fringe audiences  – may yet still be able to tick off entry  into the TS Erikson Circle and claim his own Deck of Legends.

Review: Christina Hagger

Image: Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash

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